Rural communication solutions!

Having been a shepherdess for part of my life, I have an affinity with sheep and when I saw this you tube video I had to share it with you. It puts my Rural Communication Solutions Idea of using ‘marker paint’ a food colouring based dye sprayed onto sheep through a stencil to advertise your message. Would make organic billboards in places where sheep roam free, and is completely safe for sheep. This video displaying Samsung’s latest advert takes the biscuit though. Enjoy….


Effective Brain Filing – any ideas?


Do you ever get the feeling that your brain is bursting with information, that you aren’t getting time to file properly in your head.  There is lots of input and output going on but no time to process, compare or collate the stuff you are learning?

Does anyone have any good techniques to disentangle the thought threads and focus on each subject in a calm and logical way? 

Any tips and tricks appreciated!